Thursday, July 27, 2017

Video: "Tremors" by Turtle Farm

Let's go ahead and take a strange turn off into some weird places.

A full disclosure statement is probably also appropriate; in fact there will be a couple. As an art form, wholly electronic music rarely does anything for me. This typically applies to music now simply referred to as pop where a star sings over drums beats.

When it came to sharing this video, it came from an email that was an update and not the full release from the artist. So, it wasn't clear that it was electronic music.

Starting off, this song is really well done. It's a bit insane, but that's cool. It's also listed as the world'd first electronic song that contains blast beats.

I'm not sure if this is Electro or Hip-Hop (cue Nick Frost's Ed to help out), but this is something you need to check out.

Demand their fealty to you on their home on the web and pick up the EP if you're interested.

Rock Out With Space Witch's Playlist

Space Witch is one of those bands that the only way to describe to call them Dr. Who Metal.

Regardless of what I may or may not have said about Dr. Who at SoHa Bar &  Grill after a few IPAs on Saturday, that's not a bad thing at all!

Check out how they get down...

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Video: "The Reverend" by Kabbalah

One of the best vintage rock bands to come out in awhile, Kabbalah, has released a video for The Reverend from their album Spectral Ascent.

You should check out that video below and preorder the record HERE.

Did you know that you can interact with bands on this thing called Facebox?

LP Review: "Roll For Initiative" by Highrider

Roll For Initiative
During my formative years, cartoons and professional wrestling really ate up large swaths of my free time.

When it wasn't time for homework, perhaps the USA Cartoon Cavalcade was on and on Mondays it light straight into The WWF's Monday Night Main Event featuring Bobby The Brain Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon.

There was a genre of cartoons where strangely clad or equipped characters solved crimes without really knowing what they were doing. There was the (culturally insensitively named) Hong Kong Phooey and the master of the genre....

Inspector Gadget.

The ill-fated Mathew Broderick movie aside, this man perfectly exemplified what we're talking about. He "solved" crime after crime and foiled plot after plot. Most of the time, if he did anything useful, it was on accident.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Video: "Roses'N'Gin" by The Fabulous Minx

Here's the latest video from Tulsa, Oklahoma's The Fabulous Minx. Their music harkens back to an earlier time when rock'n'rollers were common with their danceable music and their long hair.

Check out this jump, jivin' track, Roses'N'Gin and ask them to put you on their dance card on Facebook.

Album Review: "The Navarat" by Monobrow

Personally, I am not interested in mind altering drugs, but when I see an album cover with psychedelic mushrooms on it, it immediately goes into my 'to listen' pile.  I assume it will be full of down-tuned, riff orientated heaviness, which will create the sonic equivalent of a drug induced trip without any of the legal or health ramifications.  It is possible to love stoner metal without actually being a stoner.

The new release from Canadian stoner metal band Monobrow delivers exactly as the album art advertises.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Top Five: Tim Kenefic of Death on Fire

As a writer, it's always interesting to see how songs, albums, and careers are built. Seemingly, I lack whimsy because it's easy to get jaded.

Seeing how the sausage is made though, is extremely interesting.

In that vein, we have another top five playlist from Tim Kenefic of Death on Fire.  Perhaps you recall the track we streamed awhile back? If not, refresh yourself HERE.

LP Review: Self Titled by Hell

In these current days, my family is attempting to be healthier.

The wife is dragging me along into movement.

Ever since giving up hockey, the life led by me has been rather sedentary. Yes, clearly this is not an optimal lifestyle for one who's been living in an existential crisis since swearing off organized religion.

The climate inside my noggin has gotten even stranger than normal now.

Before, it was only the icy breath of Death that harangued my consciousness repeatedly. Death is no longer solitary in the this mess. The cheery, vice-like grip of life is now squeezing into the very small space that Death has chosen to un-occupy.

As time moves, they move. When one leaves a square inch available, the other moves into it. This is a difficult situation as the crushening is now coming from more than one place.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Video: "Nocturne": by Susprians

Here's the latest single from Suspirians's Ti Bon Ange. Like the rest of their record, it's colorful, vibrant, and a little bit crazy.

Check out the track and see if you can catch them on one of the following tour dates:

07/23 New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar
07/25 Nashville, TN @ Betty’s
07/27-29 Indian Meadow, WV @ Voice of the Valley Fest
07/31 Cincinnati, OH @ Rakes End
08/01 Indianapolis, IN @ State Street Pub
08/02 Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
08/03 Akron, OH @ Hive Mind
08/04 Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin
08/05 Kansas City, MO @ Blind Tiger

If you can't make any of the shows you can at least show them some love by ordering Ti Bon Ange or checking out their Facebook.

LP Review: "The Desert Winter" by Canyon of the Skull

The Desert Winter
Before we get started, it's necessary to immortalize my internal debate at present.

Perception, does not determine your reality. Perception only can determine your delusion. When presented with fact, one will either accept said facts, or scream fake news.

Acceptance or denial of facts will then determine if you're living in reality or delusion.

This philosophy has been debated for millennia and it's doubtful that we've settled it just now, but what if what you're perceiving is neither factual nor delusional?

What if it's something rarely seen? Perhaps you've noticed my reviews are now entitled with LP, EP, MLP, DLP, TLP, etc? The hope is that you'll understand what you're reading about in terms of length.

Well, this is not an EP and it's not a single, so it's definitely an LP.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Video: "Goodluck Sandy" by Märvel

It's been a few minutes since Märvel took hold of our world and exploited our need for masked superheroes by releasing all of their records over here in the USA via The Sign Records.

But they're not just about reliving the past, because this fall they've got a new album coming out. Until At The Sunshine Factory drops later on this year, check out their latest single and video below.

Don't forget to ask them who they really are on Facebook.

Five Minute Interview: Lor

Normally, this would be the spot were we talk about the artist a little bit, but as this is our first attempt at this, these will be short and sweet.

Lots of times you'll see the same questions, as we're getting to know some folks out there.

Glacially Musical: Thanks for taking a few minutes so our readers can get to know you a little bit. 

Tyler of Lor: Absolutely!

GM: What made you want to become a musician?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stream: "What's On Your Mind" by Swimming Tapes

It's interesting how the city of London in the United Kingdom has influenced so much of our music an pop culture here in these United States.

Yeah, I know, we're not that united right now, but whatevers. We'll fix it. So let's move on to how London is getting on with it now...

Presumed London socialites, Swimming Tapes, are on the cusp of releasing an EP called Soft Sea Blue on B3SCI Records in the USA and Hand In Hive Records over there in the European Union where they have those Euro dollars.

This track is soft, a bit melancholy, but hopeful. Ask them all your questions on Facebook.

LP Review: "Deceases" by Morbid Evils

Under extreme duress, the human mind can slow down time.

When that happens to me, it's like Phillip J Fry on 100 cups of coffee. It's frankly one of my most endearing and useful psychological abnormalities.

Overly stressful situations do not tax me like they do others.

In my mind, I question where this particular ability came from. Was it from years of disassociation, a defense mechanism?

However, the most plausible explanation would be the teachings of Surak and The Time of Awakening on the planet Vulcan, as told by Star Trek.

We all know that Vulcans are logical beings rather than emotional, but it's not that they have no emotions, but they are able to master them. In times of crisis, my emotions are buried deep down so we can live to dissect them....

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Video: "X" by Counterfeit Culture

Anytime you're thinking of Melodic Metal, it's only natural to think of the place that has inspired more touring musicians than any other locale in the entire world.

A state that has spawned countless acts to strike out on the road to make their fortune. This is somewhere that's created movie after movie that makes us all want to stay away from there.

Naturally, we're talking about New Jersey.

Kevin Smith, Bon Jovi, and Springsteen jokes aside, Counterfeit Culture is about to release their debut EP, Deathwish, on August 1st.  In the meantime, get a look at their single, X, and decide if they'll mean as much to you as the aforementioned Garden Staters.

Ask them about the Tri-Town Area on Facebook and preorder Death Wish.